“World blockchain introduction situation and implications for Japanese companies” | 1st BINARYSTAR Monthly Seminar / Event Report

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At the first monthly seminar, we will mainly introduce blockchain utilization cases around the world, “Automotive services, IoT, logistics, supply chain, insurance, trade, finance / payment / settlement, real estate, ID, personal information, digital. In the fields of “advertising, distributed services, medical care, infrastructure security”, what kind of problems can be solved by using blockchain with 45 use cases and concrete examples, and what kind of effect can be obtained? I explained if there is.

Lecture by Yuji Akabane (partial excerpt)


The future and potential of IoT supported by the 3rd generation blockchain platform IOTA

“Electric vehicle charging stations that are being tested in the Netherlands are implementing IOTA to communicate and pay with end users, and the data recorded on Tangle is guaranteed to be managed reliably. ”

“Currently, this charging station is installed at the test site for the general public and is being tested in electric vehicles for children, but if it is put into practical use in the future, it will also be used in commonly used electric vehicles. Is possible.”

“IOTA’s secure data transfer, free real-time communication, and high transaction throughput are becoming an important part of supporting various ecosystems around the world.”

Implications for Japanese companies

The world is competing for blockchain implementation. Blockchain venture threatens big companies

“In the world, blockchain demonstration experiments and implementations have begun in all kinds of industries. Most of them are still at the level of demonstration experiments and pilots, but know-how is being accumulated more and more, and full-scale introduction will be made one after another in 2019. It begins. ”

“Due to the nature of blockchain, services will advance across national borders, so companies that first created platforms and secured users will fight in an advantageous manner and take over. The scale and history of large companies , The number of employees is not always active, and there is a great possibility that up-and-coming blockchain ventures will devour the new business areas of large companies and the service conversion of existing businesses. ”

“Japanese companies can’t make it in time if they don’t start right now, it’s not the case that they can’t do it yet, they can fail, so if you start, know-how will accumulate, and if you start now, Demonstration experiments will be completed by the end of this year, and the service will be launched from 2020. Lean startup is indispensable because the conventional decision-making method will not be in time at all. ”

<Lecture by Satoshi Ikeda, partial excerpt>

Regarding healthcare, “ARDA”

“ We are expanding in Australia, North America and Europe, and as of 2019, we have 50,000 users, creating a means for runners and diabetics to manage personal healthcare information and motivate them to increase their retention rate. Forming a token economy. ”

“As for healthcare, the current situation before blockchain was used was

・ Service providers do not know the customer’s royal road or the optimal timing

・ Raw data is difficult to use and the insurance sector cannot be involved in it.

・ Data was managed by the manufacturer, not the user. ”

“Short-term benefits include” reduction of risk of leakage of personal information, transfer of authority to users, and users approaching achievement of objectives “, and medium-term benefits include” avoidance of early withdrawal of users and gaining trust of users “. The long-term benefits include “repeat use of users, access to big data by businesses, reduction of diabetic patients, etc.”, and the overall benefits are “expansion of services by businesses, reduction of medical expenses and insurance premiums”. , Uncertain cost reduction in the future ”etc.

Judgment axis at the time of introduction

He explained the items that will be the judgment axis when introducing the blockchain.

“Introduction planning is very important to confirm the characteristics of blockchain and effective utilization methods in advance. It is necessary to consider from multiple angles and create an introduction plan.”

<Panel discussion, partial excerpt>

PDCA cycle How to turn fast

Mr. Ikeda: “I think it is necessary not only to seek work speed and productivity, but also to proceed with MVP in parallel and obtain a large number of results in a short period of time.”

Mr. Saito: “I think it’s a good idea to include not only in-house businesses and engineers but also people who are in the role of regulators from the early stages in order to draw conclusions about the project quickly.”

Mr. Akabane: “We will focus on the minimum resources that can prove the effect and promote multiple MVPs. It is necessary to change only a small part of the company that seeks results stochastically. ”

How to keep up with the dynamically evolving blockchain technology. How to make the best choice

Mr. Ikeda: “It is important to stick to the input of information. Regarding the amount of information, we purchase fresh information every day with Google Alerts, and regarding the quality of information, we participate in seminars and events to collect real information. I think it will be the key. ”

Mr. Saito: “Gather information on cutting-edge cases, including overseas, in the relevant areas of the company, and hold down the points to guarantee quality in order to develop services that utilize blockchain in-house. There is a need.”

Mr. Akabane: “BINARY STAR is a blockchain select shop, and you can choose the best blockchain. More importantly, what kind of blockchain business model to design, we from the business planning stage Will support you. ”

<Details of speakers>

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