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I’ve compiled the majority of questions here.
For the live device viewing fast forward check it out here. 01:46:20

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Big thanks to Roy, for helping me get the timestamps out.

Question: What is the role of Verge in the Voice Life ecosystem? Why did you choose XVG blockchain only ? ? Is it exclusive?
Answer: Yes it is exclusive.

Question: There were mentions of Smart contracts, how will those work?

Question: Are today’s devices (like smartphones) capable of receiving power directly from a Wireless Power Network transmitter, like the one on your device, using terahertz waves?

Question: Can this technology be adapted for other use? e.g. EVs.

Question: Did you get any serious interest from any large world-renowned companies (eg Microsoft, Samsung, Tesla level) at CES?
Answer: We can’t comment on this specifically. but yes we got great interest
Timestamp: 61:01

Question: Are there new partners from CES 2021? Was there a one to one meeting with VIP?
Answer: yes.

Question: If so, is there a time frame of when a partnership might get announced? Or is in progress?
Answer: It takes time.

Question: Has it been established that the Verge blockchain will be exclusively used for the Voice Life device or will Voice life look at also using other blockchain projects?
Answer: Yes

Question: Would there be any battery or attachment from Voice Life inc to suit Tesla vehicles?
Answer: It is suitable to EV’s
Timestamp :

Question: Instead of 35 minutes, can be significantly dropped to 2 minutes. Elon Musk must be interested in something like that for his business.
Answer: We can’t comment to Elon Musk’s business.

Question: Will Voice Life inc be manufacturing its own devices and commercialize them? Are you considering mass production? Are you going to fund the device by using a service like Kickstarter?
How long will it take Voice Life to reach Mass market? When is the product due?

Question: What are your plans to scale this technologies adoption? And could we have more details about the product or service you’re going to be selling?

Question: Does anyone know when Voice Life plans on rolling out their GEN-iii product? Right now, it’s considered a prototype and going from a prototype to market is no easy task. So, when do they think it might hit the shelf for all of us to buy?

Question: If there are any limitations to this tech, would it be in the hardware or the source? Meaning would you just need to continue to scale the transceiver for bigger charging needs, or is there a limit to the amount of energy that can be harvested ‘out there’ (as in source limits)?

Question: Will there be adapters available for the everyday devices such as in the video; console remotes for example? Have discussions started with Sony or Microsoft?

Question: What is the goal? Produce a standalone device for commercial use, or integration in existing products? Or maybe a bit of both…?

Question: Would you give us names of potential business partnerships? Or should I say larger companies that interested in the project during your CES 2021 demo?

Question: How exactly will $XVG and blockchain and coins be used with this technology? Is it a method of paying for electricity and simplifying the search and connection of devices? Will this reduce the circulation of coins as they become more widely used and introduced?

Question: Will there be any form of damage caused to the phone due to the super fast 2-minute charge?
Answer: No, graphene in the batteries solves this.

Question: Does this technology require a special battery (Solid State maybe?) because current batteries would not allow a 2-minute charge?
Answer: Special graphene batteries.

Question: Is the 2-minute charge charging from 0 to 100% or is it a 20–80% charge?
Answer: Yes, it charges fully.

Question from Telegram Zak
Will Voice Life’s payment platform mimic those of existing Public Utility Providers with respect to billing per kWh and/or per charge? Or will it be based, for instance, on existing Cellular Service subscriptions with regards to the amount of charging capped per month? Will the number of users on Voice Life/ Verge network affect the efficacy of wireless charging coverage areas or will Satellite Constellation Partnerships be the key to coverage area density?


And to follow up, it appears the current limitations on harnessing/transmitting microwave energy has a significant distance limitation, is Verge’s decentralized network the key to overcoming the distance limitation? Can existing satellite constellations be utilized to implement Voice Life’s Wireless Charging Network or are there specific technological requirements for satellites? For reference, how would Voice Life’s wireless network compare in likeness to something New Zealand’s Powerco/Emrod wireless power transmission system?

Question from Jérome from France:

what is the frequency of the VoiceLife fast charging? Is it safe for health? I think VoiceLife check this point. And a second question, wireless fast charging will work like Wi-Fi or it’s an intelligent connection (detect if a device needs to be charge and activate wireless charging during a piece of time)? I live in France and here, lot of people take care about wireless frequencies. For example, lot of French people disapprove 5G technology because they are afraid with wireless high frequencies. Thanks.


Question from BChain:

I’ve recently noticed that verge have developed a partnership with voice life. I have contacted voice life to try and find out some additional information from what’s on the website, but to get a reply. I am assuming it’s incredibly busy with everything moving forward so I thought I would try to reach out via another Avenue. I’m from the UK and I own a real estate development company. We have 2 projects in planning starting this year. We have our own smart house system in development and our own Project management build system. What I’m really interested in, is how the voice life system can be integrated into our homes. I’ve noticed that the GEN 2 or 3 model is a stand-alone model — can this sit somewhere in the property and provide constant charge to multiple devices? — if so, what is the distance this unit will connect and charge devices too? We built prefab utility cupboards where we house the heating units, electrical panels, data panels, manifolds etc. etc. My thinking is to install the unit in there if the unit reach the required distance.

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