Thunder Token listed on Uniswap V3, ThunderCore launching IXO

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Thunder Token (TT) and the trading pairs TT/ETH and TT/USDT are now listed on Uniswap V3 following the DEX’s official launch on May 5th. Due to this, TT’s utility and accessibility have increased once again, paving the way for ThunderCore’s upcoming cross-chain yield farming services and IXO.

For TT’s info on Uniswap, visit here.

Trading pair info:

As one of the leaders in the DeFi space, Uniswap has impressive transaction volumes, amount of active users, numbers of smart contracts deployed, liquidity, etc. The V3 update also introduces several functional innovations, such as concentrated liquidity, flexible fees, range orders, and more, further increasing the efficiency and scope of ThunderCore’s highly anticipated cross-chain yield farming services. With the benefits these features pose, Uniswap V3 naturally became the first platform for ThunderCore‘s IXO.

Currently, there are over 1,000 digital assets on Uniswap. This abundance creates more possibilities for TT to be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies through the listed trading pairs. With concentrated liquidity, TT liquidity providers (LPs) can provide the same amount of liquidity as traditional DEXes but in custom price ranges. This protects the LPs from impermanent loss significantly compared to other DEXes.

At the same time, with V3’s flexible fees offered to LPs, TT users can tailor their profit margins accordingly. The additional profits that they make can then be invested in other assets and DeFi projects.

These are just several examples of how the rich ecosystem of ERC20 assets and Uniswap V3’s innovations can benefit TT and its holders.

Usually, when you yield farm, it is done within a blockchain and its ecosystem. Not anymore. In just a few weeks, ThunderCore will roll out cross-chain yield farming services with Ethereum. Users who participate in these services will receive a brand new token named TORO. This new token is the equity token proving you are a LP taking part in ThunderCore’s cross-chain yield farming with Ethereum. If you provide liquidity for the following pairs on Uniswap V3, you will receive it:






The best part is, TORO has utility in various DeFi applications such as Uniswap V3, TTSwap, and ThunderCore Bridge. For example, you can use it to provide liquidity with TT on TTSwap to mine more of its own kind. The holder of TORO also gains governance rights over a variety of subjects such as rewards rights, participation rights, voting rights, and more. A governance rights example is earning a proportion of TTSwap’s total transaction volume.

The accumulation of TORO also allows you to participate in ThunderCore’s IXO (initial cross-chain yield-farming offering), an avant-garde and never-before-seen initial offering solution in the blockchain/crypto industry. By staking TORO along with TT in the IXO, you can claim new tokens from other promising protocols and get your original invested amount back instantaneously!

There are numerous DApps on ThunderCore aiming to release their own tokens and IXO is the perfect platform for users to get access to them. This is a great opportunity for users to claim new tokens not yet available in the market with low entry costs.

A significant difference between TORO and other tokens derived from yield farming (e.g. CAKE) is that this token is a cross-chain asset. It has utility on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and ThunderCore, making it truly one of a kind.

Of course, TORO will be integrated into the ThunderCore ecosystem so users can experience rich DeFi DApps such as trading, staking, borrowing, and lending; this is just the beginning. More details on the cross-chain yield farming services and IXO to be announced, stay tuned!

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