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Effect Network will integrate LTO’s decentralized identity solution into the Effect Force ecosystem to enhance user privacy and integrate GDPR-compliant interoperable business identity products.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Effect Network, the first blockchain-based platform for Future-of-Work. Effect Network is a smart contract framework that enhances the development of automation with your enterprise solutions while enabling anyone to acquire cryptography anytime, anywhere. Effect Network, the first blockchain-based framework for the Future-of-Work, brings to life a vision that leverages blockchain and artificial intelligence, two key elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ..

Effect Force is a decentralized microtasking platform that allows anyone in the world to perform a wide range of tasks and receive fair rewards for their work. Has human intelligence that can train developers and enterprises specializing in both blockchain and AI to improve algorithms by automating digital processes and human validation on a task-by-task basis. Provides access to a large workforce. Today, over 10,000 people are getting great rewards through this platform. When a worker completes a task, they will be rewarded with Effect Network tokens.

With this integration, both users and workers of the Effect Force platform will be able to verify their identity through the DID solution. All identities will be validated through LTO and will be interoperable with various public chains and businesses.

“The partnership with Effect Network allows us to add more technical power and extend our reach by adding their expertise in blockchain and artificial intelligence to our efforts. We are decentralized. Believing in the transformation, we feel that the way the Effect Network team builds technology goes far beyond the current system. Over the next decade, blockchain will take on our new form of labor. We will create and the Effect Network is clearly an ecosystem that has the potential to do this. By partnering with the Effect Network through our shared network and participation in Effect’s Binance Smart Chain, we can strengthen each other’s strengths. We believe that we can use it to create more business opportunities and possibilities. ”
–LTO Network CEO Rick Schmitz

“We believe that our partnership with LTO Network will unlock the full potential of our proprietary technology and take our projects to the next level. Effect Network is a blockchain and artificial intelligence for companies around the world. With over 4 years of direct experience in developing commercial applications, we have served customers in a variety of large enterprises where privacy is often one of the bottlenecks. LTO has extensive networks and expertise in areas such as private data sharing and linked data, and I am confident that we can achieve great breakthroughs together by leveraging mutual synergies. We hope that this partnership will bring more recruitment to more people around the world and bring us closer to our vision of a fairer world. ”
–Effect Network CEO Chris Dawe

About LTO Network

The LTO Network team aims to build and maintain a fully decentralized and highly efficient blockchain infrastructure and apply it directly to the organization to create value. The main focus of the 2021 LTO Network is decentralized and self-sovereign identities. This will be the basis for creating new products and services such as corporate one-click KYC and cross-chain associations while maintaining a GDPR compliance perspective.

About Effect Network

Effect.AI is the first blockchain-based framework for Future-of-Work, providing enterprises with access to a global, on-demand, 24×7 scalable workforce. The main purpose of the Effect Network is to build a platform that facilitates the automation of digital processes and creates fair paid work opportunities for people around the world. The platform will be more democratic, accessible and easier to use than currently available. Our mission is to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution and transform the way we work by combining human intelligence, blockchain and machine learning.
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