Kadena Telegram AMA with Stuart Popejoy — 21/2/5

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STUART: Hi everyone! I’m Stuart, I’m a co-founder of Kadena along with Will Martino! To kick things off, I want to point people at our re-launched team page: https://www.kadena.io/team

Also, I want to formally introduce Francesco (@fmelp) and Jeffrey (@SpaceJeff) as power-members of the team on Telegram!

Slava: What is the shortest period between Bountyswap and full launch of Kadenaswap you anticipate, assuming no bugs found?

STUART: Great question! We’re certainly hoping Bountyswap is as quick as possible, but on the other hand, it’s the best time to find bugs, and hopefully the incentive will really get folks to poke around, make direct smart contract calls, all the things. But launching Kadenaswap is more than just the exchange itself. The assets on Kadenaswap are as important as functioning code.

So while Bountyswap is running, you’re going to see a lot of activity in the bridges and wrapping space. We’re working on a major announcement in that area soon. We want Kadenaswap to knock it out of the park, so it will be important that there be value to work with at launch. So that will ultimately drive when it launches.

Coinmetro_man: What are the plans to incentivize people to provide liquidity to make Kadenaswap a success?

STUART: Well, for one, there’s the built-in incentives for AMMs, which is making money on fees. This model works, although we’re always open for suggestions for improving it. I think there’s another q about this later.

However, we do want there to be a KDAX token to provide additional incentives. We will be announcing shortly the structure for economic development mentioned above, with a decentralized governance, and that will be the vehicle for launching KDAX. Once that is in place, we can start providing additional incentives. This will actually be critical for powering wrapping and multi-chain liquidity, so we’re working very hard on this right now.

Markus: What are the chances that the liquidity provider fees will be reduced if there is more volume on Kadenaswap?

STUART: The fees question is interesting, as the Uniswap model doesn’t work perfectly with low liquidity, or for non-volatile things like stablecoins. Curve and Balancer have innovated here.

However, a lot of the economic puzzle of DEXes like Kadenaswap is all the front-running and oracle-based activity. Incentives don’t really do anything to help with this.

I think suggestions like yours (lower fees for more liquid pairs) could make sense. I guess I want to say that each DEX has it’s own dynamics, and the systems are fairly chaotic. So the approach is to iterate from simple and proven to subtle. But this is an area where we are VERY open to suggestions.

Jason Rogers: What is the current status of the Polkadot integration?

STUART: The current status is we’re working on the Pact Core specification to allow native Pact to execute as a first-class smart contract language on Polkadot, similar to how Kadenamint allows Pact to be a native component in the Cosmos ecosystem. There are some research issues still to be resolved, which is where @emilypi comes in 🙂.

As for KadenaDOT/parachains, that’s part of the above-mentioned tech strategy; we are also in conversation with a well-known project on Kusama to build a bridge. So the answer is, we’re going to pursue ALL of the above, but it may turn out that the best for time-to-market will be bridging DOT/Kusama assets into the Kadenaswap ecosystem as the first step (as well as wrapping KDA onto Polkadot/Kusama).

Floppie: Is Zelcore a necessity to Kadenaswap or are other options coming as well?

STUART: We like Zelcore because they are great and agile technologists who are really passionate about user experience, so working with them on a seamless DEX experience has been really exciting.

But it’s definitely not the only solution planned. Chainweaver is available today and it offers a very nice experience on OSX and Linux.

Going forward, we’re looking to support WalletConnect which would bring more wallets into the picture, like Argent and RainbowWallet.

The larger picture is of course the full spectrum: hardware wallets, browser plugins, a great mobile experience. We’re studying these because we can’t commit to all of them at once. But we’re making our tech strategy as we speak.

BlueBird2023: [I] can’t wait for Kadenaswap, but what are your next plans after Kadenaswap? Any big plans or are you hoping devs jump on board and build for themselves?

STUART: Yes to both! Kadenaswap itself has a long roadmap which we’ll be sharing more about later, which include multi-chain incentives, interaction with KDAX, etc.

You saw our NFT announcement I hope, so there is where we’re looking to aggressively partner and innovate, so that’s both for Kadena and for devs. But we’ll also be launching new initiatives surrounding economic development — think Consensys for Ethereum, but powered by a DAO.

Crypto Maverick: While we know the q1 roadmap, what are the main goals for 2021?


1. Make KDA a top 100 protocol.

2. Bring 5 major applications onto the Kadena platform.

3. Launch a robust, DAO-backed development organization.

4. Increase listings on top-tier exchanges.

5. Make Kadenaswap the ultimate multi-protocol DEX.

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