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First #dogecoin update since July 2019, Rakuten starting to accept cryptocurrencies and #Bitcoin at 88% sale on PDAX!
Find out what else happened this week in #crypto, #DeFi & #blockchain in ...reHash 24!

🤯 The FinNexus Fanatics are coming 🤯

#FinNexus' brand-new Ambassadors Program has just been launched 🚀

🔥 A new group

🔥 Closer cooperation with the core... team

🔥 Better rewards

Do you have what it takes?

Join now 👇

Support our $WAN dApp @wanswap by liking + sharing the tweet below! Let's help $WASP get on @kucoincom!

To welcome the @Ripple community with the upcoming $XRP cross-chain integration, we will be hosting an AMA in collaboration with the $XRP community chat!

Find out who will be attending and ...what possibilities this integration brings forth:

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XRP meets Wanchain AMA

XRP will be the fourth major public blockchain integration with Wanchain. To welcome the XRP community and talk about what possibilities…

Feb 26th will go down in the #Wanchain history books as the day when 'building bridges' took on a new dimension! 'Universal Multi-chain Bridges' is pure groundbreaking #DeFi, ...featuring shared staking assets AND a direct $BTC - $ETH bridge! Read more:

We are very proud to announce a strategic partnership with Benchmark Protocol @Benchmark_DeFi ! The use case for wanTokens will be significantly expanded: these will be used to empower the Benchmark ...Marketplace. $MARK #wanchain

For more info, read here:

SEC and XRP settlement, Canadian ETFs and laser eyes of Elon Musk and Michael Saylor (and others, a lot of lasers!).
What has happened this week in #crypto, #DeFi & #blockchain? All that and... more in reHash issue 23!

The fourth storeman group begins on March 1st, 2021 - Don't forget to register your node!

This new group includes the BTC-Ethereum bridge & combined storeman upgrades!

... Please read the article on how to get your node prepared for the next group:

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