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$ALPHA will be listed on OKEx exchange in a few hours 🚀
(Mar 4th, 5AM UTC)

@OKEx is one of the largest crypto exchanges in China and the 4th largest exchange globally based on the ...24-hour volume.

#NewListing ALERT🔔: $ALPHA @AlphaFinanceLab — a finance lab for innovating products in #DeFi — is now listed @OKEx!

Schedule 🟢:
▶ Deposit: NOW open
▶ Spot Trading: USDT... & BTC pairs at 5:00 am UTC on March 4

Listing details:

The #CryptocurrencyDataFeed from @Blockstream and @ICEDataServices processes 7.5 billion messages (trade, add, change, remove) a month from major cryptocurrency exchanges like @bitfinex, @Bitstamp, ...@OKEx, @btcturk & more. Here is just 1 minute of FIX data from the feed. 📈

$BTC whale @TimDraper on who will be the next Fortune 100 company to buy $BTC: @Cointelegraph

"You know who it might be? @Netflix... I think Reed Hastings is a very innovative guy and ...has a lot of creative thinking... so I think that might be the next big one to fall."

You have been chosen @Netflix. The famous Bitcoin bull @TimDraper predicts that Netflix will be the next big company to jump into BTC.

(Reporting via @CointelegraphMT)

#DeFi Digest: While the launch of @AlchemixFi caused @iearnfinance's DAI vault to surge, the token listing on @SushiSwap was sniped. Alchemix creator @scupytrooples shares insights in this ...week's DeFi Digest. Author: @matthewcrypto3. Editor: @shasdam 👇

#Bitcoin is building on new highs from hashrate to miner revenue.

More from my @TheDailyHodl article here:

#WednesdayWisdom 🧠 Did you know?

The biggest #Bitcoin hack in history was in 2010, when a hacker created a block that generated ~184 billion $BTC out of thin air.

Satoshi ...Nakamoto executed a hard fork to erase the hacked BTC, which became the Bitcoin blockchain used today.

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