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Do you know?
That @golemproject has partnered with @0xPolygon to create new payment drive?

The new payment drivers will allow for off-chain payments without expensive Ethereum txns, ...improving the overall Golem experience
#DeFi $Matic #Polygon
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In February our dev team has worked tirelessly to release Alpha4, so we're happy to be recognized for the hard work they're pulling!

Top 10 highest developing $ETH-based projects in February countdown continued:

5) $LINK @chainlink
6) $SKL @SkaleNetwork
7) $MKR @MakerDAO
8) $OCEAN @oceanprotocol
9) $GLM @golemproject
10) $SAN @santimentfeed

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We’re sharing the $GLM Rewards Program (formerly known as the CIP) awardees for February. The one-off bonus meme category has finished but it’s never too late to contribute to the community, see next month!

From Myanmar to Australia, the US to centralized exchanges, we have experienced no shortage of centralized takeovers in Feb 🤮

Also ft an op-ed from @golemproject this month, we've a SICK edition of Centralization Strikes Again.

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Looking forward to particpating to the FriDAI meetup organized by @MakerDAO. @MPtherealMVP, @ethswarm and @EmilieRaffo will discuss how to make #web3.0 mainstream

Check out the latest on @golemproject (cl) $GLM price rally after the release of testnet Alpha IV and what on-chain data shows regarding the sharp spike in activity in @Cointelegraph #AltcoinWatch ...

The @MakerDAO community poll ended - thank you to all $MKR community and especially those supporting the inclusion of $GLM in the Maker Protocol. Let's see what happens next!

In response to ongoing internet restrictions / censorship in Myanmar, @Wikipedia in MY is now on @IPFS:

Huge props to @playingwithsid who proposed it, & ...coordinated w/ native speakers.

Epic implementation effort by @lidelOrg & Kelson of @KiwixOffline!

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