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Join @SBF_Alameda, @cmsholdings and I today for our FTX Recap Clubhouse session

12:30pm SGT - 8:30 PST

A bunch more coins were just added as collateral and to spot margin!

BAND, ALPHA, BADGER, BAO, REN, RRAY, BNT, ZRRX, FTM, and KIN are now all usable as collateral on FTX.

Ran some numbers on FTT burns. Since starting, FTX has generated ~$156M in fee revenue. It's has had four consecutive weeks of generating $10M+, which would put its annualized revenue at more ...than half a billion USD.

We had another FTT buy and burn worth over 3 million USD yesterday!

FTX meet algo bots. Algo bots meet FTX.🤝

Our algo bots now support trading on the @FTX_Official exchange.🦾 Learn more about the bot’s newest crypto exchange friend here.🤖❤️ ...

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