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TOP 15 coins by @LunarCRUSH Galaxy Score

Galaxy Score is a proprietary score that is constantly measuring crypto against itself with respect to the community metrics pulled in from across ...the web


You can now buy COTI with Apple Pay, the popular choice for millions. Read more:


We are happy to announce that the February Rewards Distribution preceding the Staking 2.0 close has been a success! Read all about February's staking reward distribution and the new record in ...COTI's merchant monthly transaction volume:

Staking 3.0 is now live!
March 2021 marks the first month for Staking 3.0 and we’d like to congratulate all participants! Over 1,300 new applicants were admitted to Staking 3.0, in the course ...of 10 days. Read here all the Staking 3.0 launch stats:


We are proud to announce that we succeeded to cut down up to 50% of gas costs off of the Crypto Volatility Index with our optimized code!

Read more:

$GOVI ...$COTI @COTInetwork

During the last few days, we have been hard at work on the technical goals and upcoming releases. Here is our weekly recap: ...

$COTI @official_CVI $GOVI

We are now on SushiSwap, too: the ETH-COTI pair is now available on the @SushiSwap platform. We have submitted an application to incentivize liquidity providers with $SUSHI. We are looking at the ...possibility of adding $GOVI rewards as well.

Cardano and COTI have a rich history of working together, which explains why COTI is seeing so much momentum alongside the adoption of Cardano.

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