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KSM holders lock their tokens on Kusama for a period of time(6,12,18, 24 Months) to help SherpaX lease a parachain slot.

In return, KSX (SherpaX's native token) will be distributed to ...participants.

Try as many entries as you can to win KSX


#ChainX Officially released the 2.0 Desktop Wallet

#pcx #blockchain

How does #ChainX Bridge empower #blockchain


📣Join the AMA to get more rewards

❤️Comment questions about #ChainX you want to ask
❤️Follow us & @chainx_org & ...@Hotbit_news
❤️LIKE&RT&TAG 3 your friends in comment

🎁2 lucky fans * 10 USDT each
Draw time🔔Mar, 7th

Thanks @KryptosChain for mentioning some of our favorite #Polkadot frens @DarwiniaNetwork @MoonbeamNetwork and @chainx_org during the latest video!

Learn something new about $DOT and $KSM ...projects every time i watch!🙂


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