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We'll be adding support for TRC20 based Ethereum to Bitrue starting tomorrow at 10:00 UTC. You'll be able to withdraw any from of $ETH you wish, regardless of the form you deposited. ...@Tronfoundation @justinsuntron #TRX #ETH #Defi

Celebrating the birth of Symbol $XYM, Bitrue are taking part in Wave 2 of the $XEM trading contest from @Nemofficial!

Trade XEM on Bitrue over the next week and you can win part of a $20,000... prizepool. Check our helpdesk here for more info -

Celebrating support for #Heco on Bitrue, the #YieldFarming investments for $MDX and $USDT are now available, get in quick before the caps run out! This one-time opportunity will get you est. 200% APY... over a 7 day investment period. Look for the DeFi symbol on your Bitrue app 💪

Our $XEM wallet is offline temporarily for maintenance, so deposits and withdrawals will not be available. We will work to bring it back online again as soon as we can.

Trading for $MDX is starting very shortly at 08:00 UTC today! This coin is powering Mdex, currently the largest decentralized exchange by volume in the world, and it's just the latest #DeFi coin... that Bitrue is bringing to our users. @Mdextech

Bitrue are part of the multi-exchange collaboration hosting Wave 2 of the $NEM trading contest from @NEMofficial! Stay tuned for more details about how you can participate coming very soon.

Symbol is coming on 15 March. To celebrate, we continue the biggest ever crypto Exchange Trading competition with more exchanges on board for Wave 2. With a $500k prize fund, don't miss out!



#NEM $XEM $XYM #trading #competition

Notice: Due to network congestion transactions for $TRX and any other tokens that are based on TRC20 will experience delays. We shall have you updated once it's back to normal.

On March 8th Bitrue is super excited to be listing Permission $ASK on a $USDT pair! @PermissionIO

This coin helps you protect & MONETIZE your own personal data when shopping in a ...decentralized e-commerce ecosystem. Read our blog to find more info on them!

Notice: To prepare for the $ADA Mary upgrade from @Cardano we have temporarily paused deposits and withdrawals for this coin. We anticipate these functions will return around Wednesday March 3rd. ...Thank you for your understanding.

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