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1/ 🚀 Congratulations to @FantomFDN on surpassing $400M TVL! $BAND is proud to support Fantom Finance with scalable and extensive decentralized oracles. We look forward to supporting their team to ...launch fLend and continue to expand product offerings.

Fantom Finance has surpassed $434M TVL through liquid staking, synthetic assets and fMint secured by @BandProtocol!

With lending, further support for new synthetic assets and price feed support from $BAND - we are excited to take Fantom to new heights.

Welcome New Yorkers to the $BAND wagon! 👋🏙️

Aave (AAVE), Balancer (BAL), Band Protocol (BAND), Bancor (BNT), Compound (COMP), The Graph (GRT), Loopring (LRC), Maker (MKR), Ren (REN), Synthetix (SNX), Uniswap (UNI), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) & (YFI) are now available to New York residents.

1/ ⛳️ Band Protocol is proud to share our update for February. We cover our milestones such as 1.7M requests in production and $4.5B secured by $BAND oracles thanks to our growing partners ...@Mirror_protocol, @VenusProtocol, @FantomFDN among others.

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Band Protocol February 2021 Community Update

The second month of the year proved to be one of Band Protocol’s strongest in terms of adoption as well as growth in production crossing…

#BandProtocol meets 🇷🇺, courtesy of our validators @everstake_pool!

❗️Внимание русскоязычному сообществу @BandProtocol!

We start the new social networks:

Twitter @BandProtocol_Ru

Join us to get useful articles, detailed guides, and hot news about #Band in Russian.


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#PolkaCover is built on #Blockchain technology ensuring transparency of data, eliminating any uncertainty that could arise from data corruption
Our aim is to bring enhanced security and ...unparalleled end-user ease of interaction within the #Crypto ecosystem🔒

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1/ 👉 The BandChain Proof-of-Authority Network will be deprecated on March 2 2021 after seven months in production and 2.6M oracle requests - allowing engineering resources to be consolidated ...towards improving the Mainnet Network at an even faster pace.

1/ 🚀 Band Protocol is now live with over 19+ new #DeFi price feeds on @FantomFDN! This provides $FTM developers with the scalability and accessibility to the most popular asset feeds to secure ...lending, exchange, derivatives and stablecoin protocols.

1/ Over 19+ new decentralized price feeds are now live on the Fantom Opera Mainnet! Secured by @BandProtocol, all price feeds will be integration-ready for $FTM developers to leveraging the strengths of $BAND, empowering scalable cross-chain #DeFi interoperability.

NEW: In a new collaboration, Secret Network has completed the implementation of @BandProtocol to bring decentralized and scalable cross-chain oracles to Secret. Learn what this integration and ...relationship means for users and developers on the Secret Blog!

1/ 🚀 @SecretNetwork, the leading privacy-preserving secret contract & decentralized application platform, has completed the integration of $BAND to empower developers with over 150+ price ...feeds from institutional providers to secure Secret DeFi Apps!

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