CVT to be officially listed on Coinsuper on April 8 | by CyberVein | Apr, 2021

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Dear CVT users:

In order to further promote the free circulation of CVT in the international market, CyberVein and Coinsuper have reached a friendly cooperative relationship to jointly maintain the compliance and legality of crypto assets. We hereby announce that CVT will be officially listed on Coinsuper, the renowned Hong Kong exchange, on April 8, 2021. The details are as follows:

-Start of deposit: 15:00 (GMT+8) on April 7;

-Start of trading: 15:00 (GMT+8) on April 8 with CVT/USDT as the trading pair;

-Trading ranking competition: 15:00 (GMT+8) April 8 — April 12. The top 100 trading volume can share 20,000 CVT rewards;

-Start of withdrawal: 15:00 (UTC+8) on April 9.

Link for the trading competition:

Exchange URL:

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About Coinsuper

Founded in 2017, Coinsuper, as the largest compliant digital currency exchange in Hong Kong, is the industry’s first exchange that supports the US dollar and Hong Kong dollar dual fiat currency channel. Since its inception, it has been taking compliance development and linking financial markets as its core route. Considering compliance and the steady advancement of regulations in various countries, Coinsuper is the first to support U.S. dollar-to-digital currency trading pairs, the first to support U.S. dollar deposits and withdrawals. Regarding development as the mainline, Coinsuper has made many attempts and explorations in terms of products and development.

The listing of CVT on Coinsuper marks the entry of CVT into a more diversified international digital currency market and promotes the “open source” of CVT from traditional to Web 3.0. This means that CyberVein will open up U.S. dollar compliant deposit and withdrawal channels, provide more on-chain transaction opportunities for smart city construction and the NFT platform CROSS, paving the way for the real and effective circulation of DAVE big data transactions and world-class art transactions on CROSS.

About CyberVein

Established in 2017, CyberVein was initiated by the Singapore CV Technology Foundation, and commissioned to authorize the global smart city operation centers to carry out the construction and development of global smart cities. As a project with landing industries, applications and products, CyberVein provides global enterprises with customized solutions for smart cities through DAVE (Data Analytics & Valuation Engine).

As a practical token, CVT is used as a necessary payment method and circulation medium in the CyberVein network and its smart city ecosystem. It is the payment medium in the big data services of DAVE Alliance and CROSS. The main usage scenarios are storage payment, crypto payment, computing power payment and big data service payment with practical application value and strong liquidity.


The listing of CVT on the Coinsuper exchange is not only a small step for CVT to promote the compliance of tokens, but also a big step for expanding the future territory, realizing the “two-way intelligence” of traditional industry + on-chain compliance. In addition, CVT will rely on the existing landing resources and user base to reach in-depth cooperation with more top crypto asset exchanges to promote the process of economic compliance of smart city token. Users can follow the official websites of Coinsuper and CyberVein to know about the latest developments in the cooperation between the two parties.

CyberVein Foundation

April 7, 2021






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