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At Concordium we are extremely grateful to our community and we would like to show our appreciation to all those members who are helping us build the next-gen blockchain. Each month we identify our most active and helpful members and give them the recognition they deserve by honouring them as our Concordium Champs and provide them with unique perks!

Ace Contributors 🏆: Nakoturk Depasty + + + Cmnt18 Mygoldencosmos

Champ 1 🏅: JamAlpay + Crabvk

Champ 2 🏅: Andrew.Sh + Bit_ci

Champ 3 🏅: Donadel + DursunONER

Champ 4 🏅: Ekremozb + Radzinskiy

Champ 5 🏅: Omercanyenigun + Crayzhurricane

Champ 6 🏅: Justillusion + BorisVelikodushniy

Champ 7 🏅: Kaanc + ArtuR

Champ 8 🏅: Makerturk + ZaferGraph

Concordium Champs get surprise GTU Boxes! 🎉

On this occasion, the February and March 2021 Champs will receive the following amounts:

Ace Contributors: 2500 GTU
Champs 1: 2500 GTU
Champs 2: 2000 GTU
Champs 3: 1600 GTU
Champs 4: 1250 GTU
Champs 5: 1250 GTU
Champs 6: 1100 GTU
Champs 7: 1000 GTU
Champ 8: 900 GTU

You will be able to redeem this GTU during Mainnet through a Github repository. Please keep the same Github account you used for our Testnets.

Our Champs will get Concordium swag including one of the following items: t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, caps, or other cool stuff. The swag might vary each month.

The Champs will receive an exclusive tag in Discord, which will display them in the Tier 1 of the server, and they will have their own sections and exclusive channels with the team. Including a Voice Channel. Besides, in the exclusive channels they will get an immediate feedback mechanism and focus groups.

The Champs Initiative was released after Testnet 3 to show appreciation to our most active and helpful community members. We surprised them by crowning them as champs.

  • Starting from December 1st, the Champs Initiative will be renewed on the first of every month.
  • Champs are calculated with the help of the leaderboard:
  • From December 1st, the Champs will be chosen by the number of messages sent per month. In this way new members will also have the chance to become a Champ.
  • The Ace Contributors will be chosen by the Team. The Team will consider the scripts, guides and content they create.
  • To avoid spamming, earning points is limited to once a minute per user, using the Mee6 tool.
  • Snapshots of the Mee6 leaderboard will be taken at the end of the month to decide the Champs.
  • If a Champ lose their rank in the following month, they will become a OG, which also gives them access to the exclusive channels and Voice Channels.
  • The champs program will last until Mainnet Launch. When new initiatives will be launched.
  • The rewards will be transferred to the Champs on Mainnet.

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