Bonus Rewards When Linking Your VET X Node Wallet

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Bonus Rewards When Linking Your VET X Node Wallet

Just a couple of days ago we announced the launch of our new VTHO/BTC pair, giving all VET holders a chance to trade the VTHO that they’ve been getting in our regular monthly airdrops.

Today we have yet another benefit for the VET community — anyone that links their X node wallet to their Bitrue account will receive full X node benefits on their Bitrue holdings!

Linking your X node wallet to your Bitrue account is simple, all you need to do is make a deposit to Bitrue of any amount of VTHO from your X node address. That’s it! From that moment on, you will be entitled to any of the X Node benefits offered by Bitrue. Any of your VET on the exchange will also continue to generate VTHO at the same base rate as if it was in your wallet.

As an extra bonus, anyone who completes this binding process will automatically receive 10% APR on their VET in Power Piggy for the next 3 months! (Please note it will take 1 day for the binding to take effect)

This is just the latest perk that we’re giving VET holders on Bitrue. Did you know that you can invest your VET in Power Piggy to get an APR of 7.3% minimum? Or that our limited VET lock up investments can net you 10.2% APR over a 30 day lockup period? How about the ability to pledge your VET as collateral to get a crypto-backed loan?

Please remember that even after binding your X node to Bitrue, you will still need to adhere to the X node requirements. If you want to learn more about the requirements and how an X node can benefit you, be sure to check out this great article from VechainInsider for more details.

We have more events, listings and giveaways planned for the future, so keep up with us on Twitter at @BitrueOfficial to make sure you’ve always got the latest info!

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