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With Polymesh Governance, POLYX holders have the opportunity to influence the direction of the Polymesh blockchain. They can do this by submitting a Polymesh Improvement Proposal (PIP) through Polymesh Governance. Other POLYX holders vote on the proposal, with approved proposals voted on by the Polymesh Governing Council for implementation.

The quality of the proposal can be one of the best predictors of it passing — it will be more easily understood by the POLYX community and Governing Council, and more explicit in implementation. Although a form is provided to proposers with information to include in a proposal, the format is meant to be flexible and therefore, does allow room for error.

Here are a few best practices to consider when creating a proposal:

Questions to ask: Am I providing enough information for POLYX holders and the Governance Council to make a decision?

All proposals must include a title and supporting documentation for consideration by the community. The aim of your proposal title should be that a community member can read the title and understand the changes you’re proposing.

The Proposal details field is available for you to include additional details and supporting documentation through an external link. A few examples:

  • If your proposal requires a network upgrade, the URL should point to the code changes in some format. We suggest you submit them as a Github PR.

The descriptive title and the link to the proposal’s details are stored on-chain to be referenced by POLYX holders and Governing Council members to evaluate the proposal easily and understandably.

Questions to ask: Have I appropriately categorized the proposal? Is the correct function to call selected and the parameters are filled in accurately?

Proposals are categorized by what component of the chain they impact. To help you choose the appropriate category for your proposal, below we’ve outlined the available options and what they mean:

  • User Balances: relates to requesting a change to a Polymesh user’s balance by proposing a force transfer of POLYX from one account to another

Once you select the component of the chain that you want to propose a change for, the function to call field will update with the appropriate options and you can proceed to fill in the requested details.

Polymesh Governance is available to test through the Polymesh Aldebaran Testnet. Learn more about how to test here. To stay up to speed on new developments and testing opportunities, join the Polymath Beta Testing Community.

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