Apricot Phase Two: Berlin EIPs & Enhanced Avalanche Native Token (ANT) Support | by Patrick O’Grady | May, 2021

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Today, we’re releasing the code for Phase Two of the Apricot upgrade, which will activate at 10 a.m. EDT (2 p.m. UTC) on Wednesday, May 5th on the Fuji Testnet and at 7 a.m. EDT (11 a.m. UTC) on Monday, May 10th on the Avalanche Mainnet. This upgrade includes breaking changes, and we recommend that all validators upgrade their nodes before then.

Apricot Phase Two contains new C-Chain precompiles (you can find a good explanation of what a “precompile” is in Appendix E of the Ethereum Yellow Paper) that makes Avalanche Native Tokens (ANTs) more powerful. After this upgrade, you’ll be able to import custom tokens from the X-Chain and wrap them as ARC-20s on the C-Chain for use in the 50+ live dApps deployed there.

Additionally, Apricot Phase Two activates the Berlin EIPs (which activated on Ethereum in mid-April). These include:

The Ethereum Cat Herders provided a great overview of each EIP and why it is important in this blog post.

For a full list of all the items we are targeting in the upcoming Apricot upgrades, check out the Apricot Phase 1 post.

  • Apricot Phase Two Upgrade code and full details can be found here.
  • A tutorial for upgrading your node is available here.
  • If you have any questions, please connect with the Ava Labs developer team here.

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